parents and professionals share how i have helped them help kids


Parents attending Linda's trainings

"In my opinion, the declarative language concepts taught in this course have naturally fostered kindness, compassion, connectedness and reciprocity... all of which has greatly enhanced my relationship and communication with my son! Linda provided a very comfortable, safe and rewarding learning environment and experience!" - Kathy C

"Thank you so much for sharing your work today at the Burr Family Conference. I'm so glad it was my last class of the day. I loved what you had to say and put declarative language to use as soon as I got home with my son.  It was so great I have to share... It has been my concern and complaint for years that his whole life people have told him what to do so that he won't answer a question or waits for instruction. He doesn't know how to advocate for himself or hold a conversation...I was blown away when it worked more than once. We actually had a conversation that wasn't only about the movies he loves. Thank you." - Rebecca R.

"Thank you once again for your wonderful presentation at the Cotting School conference...I especially enjoyed the two video clips of Christopher. Seeing such progress in an older child/young adult was really moving for me." - Cathy M.




Professionals attending Linda's trainings

"You presentation at the Cotting school yesterday was amazing! I really enjoyed learning declarative language, and it's incredibly applicable to my work." - Melody F.

"Your presentation at the workshop was the best of the day. The more I practice using declarative language, the more automatic it is becoming. Thank you Linda!" - Holly W. 

"I loved your presentation today!  Thanks so much. I look forward to learning more about declarative language, and will read your 'Social Thinking and Me' materials with a new lens!" - Carol D.

"Thank you so much! This is all very helpful and I really enjoyed your presentation!" - Sara D.


Parents and Professionals on Linda's writing

"My family has learned so much from Linda about guiding our son's social development. Her book draws on her wisdom, thoughtfulness and heart and is an amazingly practical resource. Every family should have a copy!" - Regina L.

"Linda, I've been printing your articles and sharing them with my boys' teachers and therapists for years. Awesome." - Gemma C.

"I really encourage you to write more, you write in a way that's very accessible to people and the information is so practical." - Ryan W.

"Thanks Linda Murphy! Your writing has been so helpful to us all...families, kids and professionals." - Sue Ann M.

"Your writing style is so engaging and articles filled with practical easy to digest information. Your articles are my go to for families!  " - Lauren W.

"I wish I could "like" this blog article a hundred times over. The use of declarative language is very important. Dr. James MacDonald of Ohio State, founder of the  Communicating Partners Program, is another SLP who raves about the therapeutic power of declarative language. Very powerful and helpful. I just posted a link to your blog in another group I'm in, MERLD Parents Network, for parents of children with a diagnosis of Mixed Receptive and Expressive Language Disorder. Using declarative language is very helpful when communicating with children with MERLD. Thanks again for some great info. " - Jen K.